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Healthgrades publishes quality ratings on U.S. hospitals based on Medicare inpatient data. Users can search this recommended website by hospital name or location to access information such as patient-experience scores, clinical quality ratings broken down by speciality, condition, or procedure. A listing of specific providers within each hospital is also provided, some with ratings based on patient feedback.

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Review Date: 4/23/2018


Ease of Use

The site's category tabs are prominently displayed and clearly labeled, guiding users through the website's various components. A comprehensive search bar filters results by content type (e.g. video, .pdf, article, etc.) or by relevance, date, title. Unfortunately, the results can often lead to unwieldy pages that force the users to search and search for the desired information.

Visual Design

This site's design is sleek, professional, and easy to use. Graphics and colors are both use appropriately without becoming excessive. But users will need to be aware of the advertisements scattered throughout each page.


Quality of hospital ratings is based solely on Medicare inpatient outcome data, which presents a limited view of care. Physician ratings are not based on outcome or other important quality measures. Procedure-, speciality-, and disease-specific information and questions are limited and inadequately referenced.


Healthgrades's data scientists analyze more than 45 million Medicare medical claims records for the most recent three-year time period available from nearly 4,500 hospitals nationwide. Author credentials are limited, and information on affiliated physicians is not dated and may be inaccurate.


  1. Offers qualitative data on affiliated hospitals and medical professionals
  2. Hospital information includes in-depth data like quality awards, patient-experience survey responses, and patient reviews of providers


  1. Database only includes affiliated hospitals
  2. Uses only Medacaid and inpatient data as review source, which limits the review
  3. Ordering hospitals by location appears to be random rather than by quality rank
  4. Searches for high-quality local hospitals often produce no result or hospitals that are far away
  5. Physician lists are long and require extensive browsing


Sponsors / Affiliations: Healthgrades Operating Company Inc., a for-profit physician rating and comparison database established in 1998

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Find a doctor, find a hospital, appointment guides for patients, disease-specific symptom checker

Languages: English


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