Recommended offers information about common medical conditions in older aldults. The site includes educational information about advance directives, end of life care, guardianship, and informed consent. This site is recommended for its expertly-written articles and helpful tools for those who are providing care to elders as well as those who are receiving age-related care.

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Review Date: 12/31/2019


Ease of Use

Easy to navigate through general browsing and/or specific searches. Users can browse topics alphabetically or by clear category tabs at the top of each page. A powerful site-wide search bar returns results weighted only by relevancy, giving no other options to filter results. The physician locator tool is as simple as entering a ZIP code or state.

Visual Design

The website features a plain and straightforward visual design. Aside from the homepage, there are virtually no images or multimedia resources for visitors. The site's color scheme is also slightly off-putting.


Information is relevant to older adults but limited to the most common problems and conditions. Although unreferenced, the content is unbiased, coming from a wide variety of sources and perspectives.


The content here is based on resources the American Geriatrics Society has developed for its professional members. Although authors are not cited on articles, articles show the last revision date. Unfortunately many were done more than 2 years ago. The site's board of directors is composed of highly qualified and credible experts in the field of senior care.


  1. Informative articles on a variety of issues including anemia, dementia, home care, pain management, and stroke
  2. Each topic covers basic facts, causes and symptoms, diagnosis and tests, care and treatment, and lifestyle management information
  3. Includes an "Ask the Experts" tab that collects interviews, articles, and/or guides written by medical authorities
  4. Inspirational patient stories


  1. Many of the topics may be outdated
  2. Few multimedia resources is a drawback
  3. Some questionable information provided on alternative remedies and complementary medicine


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Geriatrics Society, a national nonprofit professional organization of healthcare professionals founded in 1942

Accreditations: HON seal (Oct. 2018)

Additional Features: Geriatrics healthcare professional locator tool, downloadable medication tip sheets, Q&A, caregiving suggestions, newsletter, glossary

Languages: English