Recommended is a recommended resource for information about obtaining health insurance for individuals and small businesses. The most useful feature is the plans and prices by ZIP code page where search by healthcare type produces a linked list of local sources.

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Review Date: 4/24/2018


Ease of Use

Search bar is easy to find, and users can access policies specific to their ZIP code. Unfortunately users who enroll with independent insurance brokers must repeatedly enter the same information for each broker. Additionally, industry and government policy jargon is rarely clarified or explained, which serves to make the website even more inaccessible to general users.

Visual Design

Large font makes the text easy to read but the blue and black typeface obscures information instead of highlighting it. The homepage is cluttered with too many extras. There are images on most pages, even if they're only icons for different health insurers. But overall the site's design is outdated and overly text-heavy.


The site's content is useful and devoted to detailed information about the process of obtaining individual and small group insurance. All of the resources offered are part of the ACA and Medicare, so available plans are limited. The insurance information is created using the ACA as a reference.


The content is created by insurance professionals and policy experts. From the website's editorial statement, users can get a good sense of the content's credibility. All articles have a specific author listed with credentials that are appropriate for the information provided. The website is also updated frequently in order to keep up-to-date with new trends in health insurance.


  1. Users can shop for a health insurance policy specific to their financial situation
  2. Simplified healthcare plan subsidy, federal poverty level, and Obamacare penalty calculator tools
  3. Guides to open enrollment and special enrollment policies under the Affordable Care Act
  4. Detailed information about individual and small buisiness insurance
  5. Regularly updated blog on health insurance topics


  1. The only resources available are part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Medicare
  2. Third party brokers offer their results through email rather than on the site, which can delay receipt of information
  3. The site receives financial compensation from its quoting services which may lead to biased search results


Sponsors / Affiliations:, a private company established in 1994 and compensated by organizations that offer health quoting services on the website

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, free insurance quotes by phone, FAQs, Q&A, news summaries

Languages: English


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