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Healthline is an online consumer health information source that publishes articles and news stories about common health conditions. The website also features a popular symptom-checker tool to help readers potentially diagnose themselves. Healthline is a good source of general health information covering a wide variety of health and wellness topics.

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Review Date: 10/9/2018


Ease of Use

Healthline is a very consumer-friendly website. The homepage collects all the latest news and articles as well as "Editors' Picks." The site's search bar features a helpful autofill function that guides users through their search, and there are even options to filter by relevance or date. Using the hamburger button, visitors can easily browse articles by health topics, tools, or featured topic.

Visual Design

The website has a professional design that doesn't do too much in order to keep the reader focused on content. Most articles feature at least one image, and all use bold headers and bullet points to make the text more scannable. Links stand out clearly against the black text and white background. Overall, a consistent and appealing website.


There's no systematic approach to organizing content related to specific health conditions. Instead, readers will encounter a series of news or blog-style articles related to topics of interest that they must piece together post by post. The website consistently links its claims to credible health sources that readers can explore for themselves. The website also promotes this statement: "All Healthline content is medically reviewed or fact checked to ensure as much factual accuracy as possible."


The site's editorial oversight is conducted by a large team of health and medical experts. Each article contains credible references as well as recent dates of publication and/or revision. There is certainly an element of "infotainment" to some of the site's articles, some of which traffic in scientifically dubious ideas. But the website does a good job of erring on the side of evidence while still keeping readers engaged.


  1. Ever-rotating collection of health news and articles published throughout the day
  2. Broad coverage of health news as well as more detailed investigations into specific health conditions
  3. Articles are to-the-point, free of medical jargon, and easy to understand


  1. Intrusive advertising and "infotainment" articles occasionally promote dubious healthcare products
  2. Topics and and news stories seem randomly chosen and poorly organized
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