HealthTap provides free health information organized by condition, disease, or symptom. Visitors can post brief health questions to physicians for free. This website is recommended for people interested in membership because of its sleek visual design, novel approach to telemedicine, and variety of tools and features. The site will undoubtedly be of more use once the pool of participating physicians grows.

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Review Date: 5/25/2018


Ease of Use

There's no smooth guidance through the different services offered on HealthTap. On the homepage, a search bar prompts visitors to "Ask 108,000 doctors now." Once a question is entered, doctor responses are displayed, each seeming to be a "best match" for the search terms. It is then possible to send a question to a doctor for a free response within 24 hours, but it's unclear which services are free and which require payment.

Visual Design

The website has a glossy homepage with a large welcoming image, and a prominent search bar to help users. But visitors are forced to scroll to the bottom of the homepage to find clearly labeled portals revealing the website's services. Overall the design is straightforward and professional.


All responses provided by doctors are opinion-based and are not referenced. The free information is shallow and limited by those questions asked by visitors. We are not able to comment on the quality of member care or other information received through interactive media. But answers are often corroborated by other doctors and generally consistent with off-hand recommendations by medical professionals.


HealthTap doctors are all licensed and board-certified medical professionals. Free health content in the form of answers to patient questions all shows doctor name, credentials, and posting date. Archived information is not updated, unfortunately.


  1. Members can access virtual, real-time personalized medical consultation with a doctor
  2. With higher cost memberships, users can access unlimited live consultations with doctors by web, text, or video conference
  3. Free service allows users to post anonymous health questions to be answered by experts
  4. Answers are archived and searchable by condition, disease, symptom, or speciality


  1. Limited pool of participating doctors
  2. Information is limited by the questions asked and is very disorganized
  3. Allows users to invite nearby doctors to its pool but the successful recruitment rate is unclear
  4. We cannot comment on the paid membership experience


Sponsors / Affiliations: HealthTap Inc., a for-profit digital healthcare company established in 2010

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: None

Languages: English