Recommended, created by the American Academy of Pediatrics, provides pediatrician-approved child health resources including information on the various childhood life stages, articles on healthy living, safety and prevention tips, and overviews of common health conditions. The site is a recommended for its listed resources and information about various aspects of children's health.

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Review Date: 12/31/2019


Ease of Use

Site is helpfully organized by a category toolbar that includes sections based on broad categories including stages of childhood development. That being said, the website can be difficult to navigate. The master list of relevant articles, where a majority of the site's content can be found, is a collection of random articles organized alphabetically by title rather than topic. This can make locating specific information tedious.

Visual Design

Professional design, but there's a general paucity of multimedia on the site aside from the homepage. The use of color is subtle and appropriate, guiding users across the page nicely. However, visitors are sure to notice the website's font; it's unnecessarily bold and harsh on the eyes, especially on the website's many text-heavy pages.


There is a range of useful information that is primarily written for parents and caretakers. There is good coverage of health & wellness, but disease & condition topics are limited to common ones. Most topics provide only a basic understanding. General information about the site states that some of the information comes from the American Academy of Pediatricians guidelines or special committee recommendations. Unfortunately individual articles are not referenced very well, usually outdated textbooks, but they do provide additional resources and related information.


Articles are produced and reviewed by subject-matter expert pediatrician members of the AAP. Not all of the articles credit the individual author or editor, but they do show dates of last update. Some are recent, although many are more than 2 years old.


  1. Coverage of a wide range of common issues from prenatal expectations to parenting to preparing your young adult for college
  2. There is some information related to childhood health & wellness and many common pediatric diseases & conditions
  3. Content is easily read and understood


  1. Users will have to do some digging if they are looking for specific material
  2. Articles do not provide adequate detail for a deep understanding of the topic
  3. The topics are limited to common issues and even those seem arbitrarily chosen
  4. Writing style is more detached than comparable sites


Sponsors / Affiliations: The American Academy of Pediatrics, a nonprofit professional organization of pediatricians founded in 1930

Accreditations: HON seal (August 2019)

Additional Features: Immunization schedules, ask a pediatrician, mobile apps, expert Q&A, symptom checker, e-magazine, newsletters, webinars

Languages: English, Spanish