HealthyWomen provides a wide range of women's health materials reviewed by medical professionals. It is recommended for women looking for a balance of clinical information and informal articles that touch on a variety of issues relevant to women's health.

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Review Date: 4/24/2018


Ease of Use

Major category tabs running horizontally across the top of the page allow users to easily navigate through the site's content. Users can browse the website via three methods: broad-topic health centers, more specific health articles, or by using the site's search bar. Searching the website through the search bar returns results in an unsorted list of mostly non-relevant articles and blog posts.

Visual Design

The website appears professionally designed, and features a consistent and engaging layout. Graphics appear on all pages, and the use of color across the site is subtle. The website's font does appear awkwardly large, and with all the various functions available for users, the interace can appear a bit noisy. Otherwise, a fine visual experience.


The health-related content includes information about common issues that are important to women. References are rarely provided for disease and condition articles or those giving medical advice. Other articles are written by patients and are based on their experiences and opinions. Overall the website feels more like a lifesyle publication than an authoritative source of medical information. Although the quality varies, those interested in women's health may find some value on HealthyWomen.


Content is developed by healthcare professionals and possibly reviewed by medical experts. Diseases and conditions content is written by authors with appropriate credentials, and articles by patients are clearly identified. Authors of other articles are usually provided, but without credentials or any other detailing information. Posting dates are infrequent and there's no indication of regular reviews.


  1. Covers diverse areas of women's health, including fertility and pregnancy, gynecological health, mental health, menopause, and overall healthy living
  2. Content is educational, clearly written, and relevant to a holistic view of women's health comprised of mind, body, and overall wellness
  3. Friendly explanations of sometimes complex topics
  4. Balance of informative articles with blog posts and recommended recipes


  1. Some of the information on the website has not been reviewed or updated since 2009
  2. Search bar returns results as an unsorted list of mostly non-relevant articles and blog posts
  3. Specific information is difficult to locate
  4. Site recommended many unproven remedies


Sponsors / Affiliations: HealthyWomen is a nonprofit health information source that accepts funding from pharmaceutical companies, consumer product companies, managed care companies, hospitals and health systems, and media establishments

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Health and wellness tools, quizzes, news, women's health policy updates

Languages: English


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