Hear-it website that provides comprehensive and detailed information, tools and resources pertaining to hearing loss and other ear issues. It examines topics like hearing aids, tinnitus, and audiograms, and even offers a free hearing test for visitors. Backed by multiple international organizations, this site is highly recommended as a reputable source covering all aspects of hearing impairment and the relevant devices/therapies available to treat it.

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Review Date: 9/30/2019


Ease of Use

Each page features relevant subtopics, and numerous links are provided throughout articles that lead to more specific information. Users can easily browse the material at their own pace without having an abundance of information to sift through all at once.

Visual Design

There's a lot of information on this website, and ocassionally the design feels cramped by narrow margins and dozens of potential browsing choices. But overall, the site is visually appealing and contains some great graphics.


Hear-it takes a topic like hearing loss and investigates it from numerous practical angles. Visitors will impressed by the comprehensive scope of the content, including the biological aspects of hearing loss as well as treatment, daily living, employment consequences, and much more. Unfortunately, the people responsible for all this wonderful information fail to identify themselves and the source of their information..


Visitors will be disappointed to find author names missing from articles, however the site's editorial policy is above board about its willingness to solicit corrections from visitors. If the credibility of the members reflects the content, we can be comfortable the information is reliable. A news article published today indicates frequent oversight of the content, but the articles do not have review/publication dates to assure the same attention.


  1. This site contains a comprehensive range of topics about all aspects of hearing and hearing
  2. Search bar autofills keywords for users and helpfully sorts results by relevancy
  3. Numerous videos and graphics explain how the ear works and describe different types of hearing loss and treatments in an audience-friendly manner
  4. Articles are organized well, written in easy-to-understand language, and detailed


  1. Most articles lack a publication date, author name, and references
  2. The content is crammed into to a narrow strip in the center of the page


Sponsors / Affiliations: Heart-it AISBL, an international nonprofit located in Belgium that partners with individual members from the hearing aid industry and dispensers of hearing aids, The International Federation of the Hard Of Hearing, European Federation of Hard of Hearing People, European Association of Hearing Aid Professionals

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: News, online hearing test, hearing loss and tinnitus simulators, YouTube video channel

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portugese, Chinese