Hearing Link

Hearing Link is a UK-based charity website that supports people with hearing loss by providing a generous amount of information on various types of hearing loss and hoe to live with impaired hearing. It covers topics as diverse as hearing tests, tinnitus, hearing aids, balance disorders, ear physiology, and more. The site is a recommended as a good place to start when seeking information about hearing loss and its management.

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Review Date: 9/25/2019


Ease of Use

Not a difficult website to navigate, but it can be confusing. The two tabs for health content ("Your Hearing" and "Living") have a bit of uneccesary overlap. Additionally, the site's lackluster search bar doesn't give users options to filter their results, which is cumbersome when searching a popular term like "deaf." Otherwise the website is fairly intuitive.

Visual Design

The website ocassionally spreads out its content awkwardly on the page. But for the most part the website gets its material across without introducing too much clutter or dead space. A clean, professional design.


Hearing Link educational materials detail various types of hearing loss along with the causes, symptoms, and various treatments. There is ample information to give a good overall understanding of many aspects of hearing loss. The true quality of the information is difficult to assess without references or expertise of the contributors. Although, it is a great site for those unfamiliar with hearing loss, the emphasis seems slightly skewed toward advocacy, services, technology sales, and donation, rather than education.


The site does not publish author names or indicate anywhere on the site who is responsible for the educational content. Other than the reputation of the organization, there is no other way to verify credibility. Most topics were updated in 2018 and 2019, although the month and day are not specified.


  1. Materials are detailed, but concise, informative, and current
  2. Pleasant and professional visual design
  3. Helpful information on living with hearing loss, such as technology & hearing loss, lipreading, and non-verbal communication
  4. Tips on dealing with hearing loss in many situations, such as work, school, traveling, and restaurants
  5. Helpful videos and graphics help users understand the information while keeping users engaged


  1. Articles lack author names and references
  2. Persons specifically responsible for the educational content are unknown
  3. Search bar autofills but doesn't give users filtering options


Sponsors / Affiliations: Hearing Link, a UK charity active in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, patient stories, information and links to their own and other UK based services, news, e-Newsletter, online store for hearing loss related equipment and supplies

Languages: English