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Hemophilia Foundation of America

The Hemophilia Foundation of America (HFA) provides basic information about how to diagnose, treat, manage, and live with a bleeding disorder, including how they affect different populations. There is a wealth of information about a wide variety of resources and assistance programs, such as clinical trials, financial assistance, advocacy organizations, and more. This website is highly recommended as an introductory source of information for those interested in learning about bleeding disorders and as a great resource for patients and caregivers about available programs.

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Review Date: 9/19/2019


Ease of Use

Aside from a small font, this website presents its content well. Categories contain a lot of diverse information but are still easy to browse. And the site's search bar is great for users seeking specific information.

Visual Design

Simple but effective visual design that could stand to utilize more images on its text-only pages.


The Hemophilia Foundation of America (HFA) offers basic information relating to all aspects of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, including side-effect/complications, health & wellness, and living with the condition. Although accurate, the information is not referenced. Additional content includes timely coverage of advances in the field and an invaluable list of resources for patients and families. The News coverage is good way to keep current with recent medical advances.


There's a good deal of information about HFA on its website, but a limited amount of educational material. The HFA has an ample Professional Advisors, but a greater effort could be made to include author/editor names, credentials, and level of involvement as well as the dates of publication/revision.


  1. The site does not overload any single page too much information to ensure a comfortable browsing experience
  2. Provides clear introductions to bleeding disorders along with related topics like, emergency preparedness, caregiving, school readiness, etc.
  3. Ample multimedia resources like images, videos, infographics, and more to enliven the text
  4. Patients can blog about their own personal experiences with bleeding disorders and the various ways they cope with such difficulties
  5. Professional, well-maintained visual design that is both functional and intuitive


  1. The patient educational information could be more detailed
  2. There is no clear indication of the source & oversight of the educational information since no author/editor names, credentials, or involvement are given
  3. Dates of publication/revision are missing from HFA's educational pages and they are not referenced


Sponsors / Affiliations: Hemophilia Federation of America, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization incorporated in 1994

Accreditations: Charity Navigator 4-Star charity, GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency

Additional Features: Resource library, PowerPoint presentations for parents or guardians, Family Emergency Kit Checklist, find a summer camp, blog, patient stories, webinars

Languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Spanish

Contact: info@hemophiliafed.org