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Informed Health Onlineg is the English-language version of a German national health information website containing informative overviews about many common diseases. The site is recommended as an excellent resource for introductory health information on the most common illnesses and health issues in a digestible format.

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Review Date: 12/27/2019


Ease of Use

The site is easy to navigate by topic or topic area and simple to search. Subtopics and individual articles are not well organized and medication topics are included with condition topics in the index.

Visual Design

The color scheme is dull and not very appealing. Stock images do little to identify the topics. There are no illustrations or multimedia to enhance the topics.


Informed Health Online has endeavored to provide accurate information with evidence from scientific journal articles and respected websites. Unfortunately the content is uneven and limited to very common disease & conditions.


Health articles reflect current practices and show creation date, updated date, and intended revision date, usually every 3 years. No authors are cited, but qualified physicians and other medical professionals responsible for the content increase the reliability of the information.


  1. Excellent health information on an array common of medical conditions geared toward lay audiences
  2. Articles are easy to read, succinct, and provide general summaries before diving into symptoms, causes, risk factors, prevalence, and diagnosis
  3. Topics may contain research summaries and other related information


  1. Topics vary in level of detail and the scope is far from comprehensive
  2. There is an arbitrary nature to the topics included and the contents of the "Learn More" & "Extras" sections
  3. A few of the topics many be outdated due to the 3 year review interval


Sponsors / Affiliations: Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (Germany)

Accreditations: HON seal (12/2019)

Additional Features: Medical glossary, newsletter, social media

Languages: English, German