International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression

The International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression (iFred) published basic, easy-to-read overviews of the types and causes of depression. The site's materials are written with empathy, and are meant to push back against stigma associated with depression. Although iFred is mostly an advocacy organization, the website is a quality starting point for basic information about depression.

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Review Date: 10/29/2018


Ease of Use

The site's tight focus on depression advocacy lends itself well to simple organization of materials via the main category tabs. The search bar, however, returns results that can't be filtered and are presented in a jumble on the screen. Several links are broken, including the "Media Center," and users will occasionally encounter cul-de-sacs that send them to improperly labelled areas of the site.

Visual Design

The modern visual design uses contemporary graphic conventions to draw the reader in. This include sharp images, bold colors, and an effective use of negative space to reduce clutter.


The informational content lacks depth, but it does provide adequate background for understanding depression and using the resources provided. Visitors do not need to worry about misinformation, as the content is referenced by authoritative sources like the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM-5, National Institutes of Health, and more.


There are a few issues that compromised the integrity of the content. Articles lack author names, although some authority is conferred by a qualified advisory board. Users should be wary about how closely the site is monitored, since information is not dated and the last blog post was posted in December 2017. It may be necessary to consult other sites with more comprehensive and reliable information about depression.


  1. Inspirational content with basic information about types of depression, causes, comorbidities, and management
  2. Detailed information about medications to treat depression
  3. Multiple ways for visitors to connect with others, whether online or in person


  1. No indication that topics are regularly reviewed
  2. Noticeably missing information on depression due to gender dysphoria
  3. Online store adds a commercial nature to the site


Sponsors / Affiliations: iFred, an international 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy organization

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, "Find a Doctor" tool, online support groups, suicide hotline and crisis center listing

Languages: English