Recommended offers basic information about sexuality, relationships, and sexually transmitted diseases. The resources here are easy to read and address relevant issues facing adolescents by providing credible medical content. This site is recommended only as a brief introduction to sexuality and sexual health information, particularly for teens.

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Review Date: 12/3/2019


Ease of Use

This website offers a straightforward browsing experience. The content is focused and allows users to navigate through it with ease. The site's search bar isn't the most helpful, as results don't seem to be sorted in any logical fashion. Having two different menu bars also creates some confusion due to their overlap. Otherwise, an intuitive website to handle.

Visual Design

Not much visual appeal here. Although it doesn't seem styled all that differently from a consumer blog, visitors won't be turned away from this website based on looks alone.


The website does a good job of approaching sexual health from multiple angles. There's not much depth here, as the website serves more as an introductory resource focused on educating younger audiences.


No author names or dates of publication listed, although the homepage has been updated within the current calendar year. Otherwise, the content here is produced by the highly credible American Sexual Health Association and based on well-researched medical consensus.


  1. No visual clutter, dead links, or awkward site functions
  2. Pages are concise and address all the important points in readable language
  3. Excellent collection of current and relevant sexual health information for teens and adults
  4. Resources are up-to-date and reference materials published by credible sources like the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the Guttmacher Institute, and the Society for Adolescent Medicine


  1. The content is very superficial
  2. Graphics aren't engaging, and it is unclear where the reader's eye is being led
  3. Employing two menu bars is a little confusing on how they're different
  4. Many of the site's educational pamphlets are fee-based and can only be sent via postal mail


Sponsors / Affiliations: American Sexual Health Association, a nonprofit organization that has advocated on behalf of patients to help improve public health outcomes since 1914

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, sexual health glossary, interviews, expert Q&A

Languages: English, External Spanish-language version of the website available