Joslin Diabetes Center

The Joslin Diabetes Center website serves as a portal to the Joslin Clinic, but it also provides high-quality diabetes information. Users will find informational articles about all aspects of diabetes and diabetes management including complications, diet, pregnancy, travel tips, and more. This site is recommended for comprehensive and detailed information about type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

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Review Date: 11/9/2018


Ease of Use

The sheer amount of information can be confusing to sift through and requires users to do a fair amount of hunting to reach the desired area. A number of circular links and hidden links double-back to repetitive pages or lead to unlisted areas of the website.

Visual Design

Pages have wide margins and a thing column of content down the center of the page. This, plus small font, make the pages seem crowded. The site's design is professional, but there isn't much appeal, as most patient information are entirely text-based.


Users can take advantage of the wide range of important information about different types of diabetes. The Joslin Center relies on its reputation to ensure the validity of the content, but this is jeopardized by the lack of available references. The perspective may be limited to the Joslin treatment philosophy and not provide users with all treatment options.


A reputable organization like the Joslin Diabetes Center can do more to increase the credibility of its educational content. A sense of authority is difficult when there is infrequent citation of authors or reviewers. The same is true for how current the information is when articles do not contain posting and review dates.


  1. User-focused subtopics with helpful videos like "Newly Diagnosed," "Managing Diabetes," "Diabetes & Nutrition," etc.
  2. Authoritative information that relies on research conducted by authorities in the field
  3. Subject areas cover not only health issues associated with diabetes but also nutrition and daily living


  1. Content is detailed, but can be difficult to locate and read
  2. This website is predominately a portal to the Joslin Clinic with descriptions of its various programs


Sponsors / Affiliations: Joslin Diabetes Center, a nonprofit diabetes research center affiliated with Harvard Medical School

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, patient/family support, online courses, blog, Q&A, online discussion board, glossary, research

Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese