Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) helps users understand the basic concepts associated with type 1 diabetes. Although JDRF provides only a superficial understanding of this disease compared to other resources, the website excels at emphasizing resources like educational materials and a health insurance guide.

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Review Date: 11/12/2018


Ease of Use

The "T1D Resources" tab at the top of the page collects all the relevant patient education materials. There, subtopics like "Newly Diagnosed" and "Living with T1D" further organize the content for readers. Font is large and readable, and there's a good use of white space so that users aren't flooded with information. Additionally, there's a helpful sidebar allows users to explore related topics in logical progression.

Visual Design

Simple but professional website that incorporates images and large headers that aid in scanning. Unfortunately many of the education-focused pages are text only, with black text on a white background.


Blogs and news coverage are useful to keep up with current trends in management, but users will find the rest of the site of limited benefit. Referencing is lacking. Although downloadable information has some detail, the remainder of the content is superficial in nature.


The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation website is managed by a qualified group of medical professionals, lending credibility to the content as it is written. However, the content may not be the best or most current since authors/editors are not identified. Also, dates of publication and review are are lacking.


  1. Provides introductory content for patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes
  2. Toolkits can be ordered from the website with helpful educational brochures to help patients cope with their disease
  3. Links to multiple advocacy organizations that can connect patients to community resources


  1. Patient content is superficial
  2. Some information may not be current since no posting or review dates are provided


Sponsors / Affiliations: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, a global nonprofit founded in 1970

Accreditations: BBB-accredited charity

Additional Features: Online support, community forum, support groups, patient education toolkits, blogs, press releases, clinical trials, research

Languages: English