Highly Recommended

Kaiser Family Foundation

The Kaiser Family Foundation is a nonprofit organization that often partners with major news organizations to provide up-to-date reporting and analysis of prominent healthcare issues. This recommended website features polls reflecting public sentiment regarding healthcare and unbiased coverage of medical issues like medical debt, health insurance, and health reform.

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Review Date: 5/15/2018


Ease of Use

Clicking on the hamburger menu icon reveals a list of all topics found on the website. Articles contain links labeled with topics related to health policy or insurance. Although not suited to locating specific information, finding information by date is well supported. Major topics are helpfully organized.

Visual Design

The site mostly relies on blue, white, and orange elements to guide users through the content. At times the blue/orange contrast is jarring, but the website uses color well overall. Additionally, most news reports include an infographic or chart of some sort, though it's inconsistent.


Kaiser Family Foundation has unbiased coverage of a wide range of medical and healthcare issues of interest to professionals and the general public. Most articles provide appropriate references when needed, and coverage is specific to science-based, data-driven stories on important national health issues.


Articles about current issues are posted daily. Author names and credentials are provided, and each are experts in their respective field. This highly credible website will benefit all readers interested in current health news coverage.


  1. Comprehensive and up-to-date information on current health issues in the United States
  2. Webinars and daily articles explain policy issues, political conflicts, research progress, and aspects of health insurance that may not be sufficiently explained on other websites
  3. Valuable health newsletters that summarize specific health issues and that link to other credible sources related to the topic being discussed


  1. Pages are cluttered with text, sidebars, and intrusive advertisements
  2. Text is dense and requires a lot of scrolling to read through the material
  3. Poor organization makes it better suited for browsing than for locating specific information
  4. Geared toward a more specialized audience than for a general readership


Sponsors / Affiliations: Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan source of healthcare news and analysis

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, webinars, interactive tools, public forums, infographics, quizzes

Languages: English

Contact: rsingh@kff.org