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KidsHealth, created by the Nemours Children's Health System, provides comprehensive information on childhood health, behavior, and development. Visitors will find general health information as well as materials on diseases and conditions, pregnancy planning, emotions and behavior, drugs, and procedures. This website is highly recommended as a the go to source of patient education materials for any audience interested in children's health and pediatrics diseases.

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Review Date: 12/31/2019


Ease of Use

Information on the website is easy to locate by using organizational tabs or the site-wide search bar, which autofills and provides related searches. Broad topics are broken down into subsections with embedded links that allow users to begin with a general search then uncover more specific information. Perhaps the site's best feature is how it organizes content by audience in a quick and intuitive way.

Visual Design

What's interesting about KidsHealth is how there's a slightly different design for each audience-specific page. The web pages here are clean, but for the most part they are plain and unadorned. Few images on the site, most of the pages being text-heavy pages of black text on a white background.


The site has comprehensive and valuable information for families about parenting, health & wellness, specific diseases and conditions, drugs, and procedures. The individual articles are not referenced, but pediatricians, subspecialists, and other medical professionals are involved with their creation.


Content is reviewed by pediatricians and other medical professionals. Review date and names of reviewer appear with most articles. The reviewer's credentials are available and appropriate to the content. Some topics, such as laboratory tests, have no review dates, whereas other were last reviewed in 2015. It is possible that reviews generally occur when there is a new development in that topic.


  1. Comprehensive information on childhood health, behavior, and development
  2. Kids and teens sections include answers to potentially embarrassing or difficult questions and age-appropriate games, quizzes, and multimedia tools
  3. Materials for parents and educators to encourage creative and varied approaches to discussing sensitive topics with younger people
  4. Clinical information presented with style, ease, and age-appropriate language
  5. Sections on Complementary and Alternative Medicine


  1. Some topics were last reviewed over four years ago and may not include the most up-to-date information


Sponsors / Affiliations: Nemours Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded in 1936 and dedicated to improving the health of children

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Q&A, blogs, fact sheets, safety tips, recipes, quizzes, dictionary for kids, online store

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: pr@kidshealth.org