KnowYourOTCs is a website dedicated to informing the public on safe over-the-counter (OTC) medication use, storage, and disposal. There is a collection of helpful articles about common OTC medications, as well as content organized around specific symptoms.

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Review Date: 10/11/2018


Ease of Use

Interactive menus allow users to easily locate material. The site can also be navigated with the search bar by entering a medicine, ingredient, or symptom. No advertisements or clutter to slow down the browsing experience.

Visual Design

Professional web design that guides visitors to the site's most important functions. Informational pages have a lack of images and other engaging graphics. However, the website features a collection of infographics and brochures to help readers along.


The information on safe use, storage, and disposal of OTC medicines is invaluable for anyone who uses them. Visitors should note that the information, unfortunately, is not referenced. The website's content is clearly biased toward promoting the benefits of OTC medicines, and much of it is too limited to be of much use. Still, there's good information here on safe use, storage, and disposal.


While author names and posting dates are missing on some of the content, the website makes an effort to include expert voices. There's even a section called "Our Experts" that allows visitors to browse articles by licensed health experts. And even though the website does appear to have some commercial involvements, it does publish a list of its partnerships and affiliations.


  1. Excellent medication safety tips, especially for parents/guardians
  2. Collection of fascinating infographics and brochures on safety and dosing information
  3. Symptom- and condition-specific information related to OTC treatment


  1. Symptomatic information is very brief and limited to only a few conditions
  2. Some endorsement of unproven treatments and homeopathic products
  3. Significant funding from pharmaceutical companies and other commercial influences homepage screenshot


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Consumer Healthcare Products Association Educational Foundation, the nonprofit branch of an American trade association representing drug/supplement manufacturers and marketers

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, FAQs, downloadable brochures

Languages: English