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Lab Tests Online is recommended as a patient-friendly resource for detailed explanations of various lab tests. Descriptions include why and when to get tested, requirements, preparation, where it can be performed, and what the results might mean. The site briefly describes over 100 conditions and the tests used with them. It is user-friendly, comprehensive, and especially convenient for individuals who have more than one condition.

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Review Date: 7/6/2018


Ease of Use

Major categories organize content between "Tests," "Conditions/Diseases," and "Health Screenings." Screenings are helpfully organized by age group. The site's search bar allows users to filter results by relevance, date, or site section. Most lengthy pages are segmented into collapsible sections that allow users to scan easily. Overall, a very user-friendly website.

Visual Design

Navigation, section headings, and links all stand out clearly. Pages are organized into pleasant sections featuring collapsible menus. The use of boxes to organize information with small amounts of text on plenty of white space make it easy to read. Most tests even include "related images" to emphasize important concepts.


This website can be considered to be one of the most comprehensive and focused explorations of laboratory testing and their related conditions online today. Each topic features an extensive resource list filled with references current within the last five years. If visitors have questions about a specific test or screening, Lab Tests Online provides some of the most useful information available for free.


Authors are not credited on articles, but pages are designated as "board approved." The site's editorial board is highly qualified and composed of subject area specialists. The site is updated regularly and provides dates of review and modification on every article, most having occurred within the last 2 years. Additionally, the website carries the authority of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, a credible professional society.


  1. Useful website that gives detailed information about a large amount of lab tests
  2. Information is evidence-based, organized well, and written clearly
  3. Includes related readings on the web from highly credible sources


  1. Writing is more clinical than other common health websites
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Sponsors / Affiliations: American Association for Clinical Chemistry, a professional scientific society dedicated to clinical laboratory science

Accreditations: HON seal (2018)

Additional Features: "Contact a Scientist" option, videos, news

Languages: English

Contact: 2labtestsonline@aacc.org