LeadingAge maintains an extensive collection of senior care resources including caregiver checklists, employment help, and more. There is information about some health issues like dementia as well as related topics like ageism and technology. This website is recommended as a good introduction to senior care issues, providing easy-to-read and consumer-focused materials on a variety of subjects.

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Review Date: 5/25/2018


Ease of Use

The top-level navigation bar is clear and helpful. Visitors can learn about aging services, planning and paying for care, and resources for caregivers. With one click, users can access an large list of facilities with direct links to their contact information. The search bar offers helpful filters and highlights the keyword appearance on each page.

Visual Design

The site is visually pleasing, with sharp images and a simple color scheme. The homepage begins with an oversized banner image. In contrast, the category tab labels are small and a bland gray color. This gray color persists in creating a dreary tone throughout the content.


The website has an extensive range of information and resources for most aspects of quality of life for older adults. Topics include health issues, leadership, dementia, ageism, technology, housing and living situations, employment, caregiving, and more. Articles in LeadingAge magazine may refer to recent news and events, but they are not referenced. Other areas of the website usually identify the source of information.


Some articles show an author's name, bio, and posting date. Professional authors are identified for all other content, but credentialing information is hit or miss. Most of the site's information is news and press releases, so the website maintains a decent currency. But answers to questions are not dated, and the currency of other resources is difficult to assess.


  1. Addresses current aging issues like Medicare caps/reimbursements, affordable housing policy updates, etc.
  2. Emphasizes the latest news and policy updates on virtually all health-related issues for aging populations
  3. One click leads to an exhaustive list of aging facilities with direct links to their websites, contact information, directions, and more
  4. Visually pleasing website featuring sharp images, a pleasant color palette, and category tabs that expand and collapse


  1. Large amount of information for advocates, professionals, and policy-makers that may be too specialized for the general reader
  2. Most resources require visitors to register as a member


Sponsors / Affiliations: LeadingAge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization composed of over 6,000 members nationwide

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