Learn to Cope

Learn to Cope is a support organization that offers resources for families coping with addiction to opiates or other drugs. The site serves as a good resource for those who seek help for themselves or loved ones. This website is recommended as a good addiction resource for most readers, though people in Massachusetts and Florida will find more options than others.

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Review Date: 5/29/2018


Ease of Use

The homepage clearly lists the various categories covered on the site, including meetings with time/location and contact information for regional managers. It's easy to find the site's treatment resources, which contain outpatient and inpatient treatment options. Most information can be found in two or three clicks, contact information is current and easy to find, and the FAQ page is filled with accessible information.

Visual Design

Inspiring, hopeful images on the homepage reassure visitors that help is possible. A distracting scroll of "Meeting Notes" is presented even before the "Welcome" section, which seems poorly placed. The text font contrasts well with the background and is sized/spaced well, making it easy to read. Overall it's not a great graphic design, but fortunately it's functional.


There are many resources that will be useful to families affected by addiction, especially residents in Massachusetts. For those who are looking for in-person support, the website is great for locating support. However, the educational information about addiction is superficial and unreferenced.


No individual authors are cited, and no publication dates can be found. The site administrators and Board of Directors are qualified to provide addiction informational materials.The site's founder is also involved in government initiatives to combat substance abuse. But only the 2018 copyright date is listed, and it's difficult to know how current the educational content is.


  1. Homepage banner lists relevant and diverse content for exploration
  2. Easy to read and accessible to a broad, general audience
  3. Calling the listed phone number results in a prompt reply, and any changes to meeting information are published on an easy-to-locate scrolling bar


  1. Limited list of treatment centers that are primarily located in Massachusetts, with a few Florida-based locations
  2. Educational information is limited


Sponsors / Affiliations: Learn to Cope, a nonprofit support organization funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, online discussion board, downloadable handouts, blog, FAQs, coverage

Languages: English