Lupus Foundation of America

The Lupus Foundation of America is an excellent resource for Lupus support, but a superficial source of information about Lupus. There is a diverse collection of topics, articles, and videos about Lupus and how to cope with it. The website is recommended as good starting place to gain a basic understanding of Lupus, but other sites will be necessary for more up to date information and a deeper dive.

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Review Date: 10/8/2019


Ease of Use

The top menu has a dropdown menus to guide readers to general information about Lupus, information about specific aspects of Lupus, and helpful resources. Each page has links to similar articles to create a smooth experience when exploring a specific topic. The search bar does not autofill search terms or filter the results, which reduces the usefulness of the function.

Visual Design

The website features a pleasant color scheme and lots of graphics. The font is on the smaller side, and the site's "Donate Now" radio button is several times more prominent than the search bar. Otherwise, Lupus Foundation of America has a professional, appealing design.


Lupus Foundation of America is a reliable source of information about a wide variety of issues associated with Lupus, including how to live and cope with the symptoms and complication. The resource center has videos and additional articles about a range of Lupus topics. Unfortunately the lack of references limits this reliability. Even if references were present, topics and most articles were created in 2013, making it unlikely they reflect recent advances. On the plus side, the site's resource center is extremely large and diverse.


Most of the articles in the "Understanding Lupus" section and many in the "Living with Lupus" section do not list authors. In the rare instance when authors are identified, there are bios confirming their credentials. Most of the credibility comes indirectly from the reputation of the Lupus Foundation. News coverage and a few articles in the Resource Center are recent, but most of the material is quite old, which is a major problem in this rapidly advancing field.


  1. Information about a wide range of topics and issues concerning Lupus
  2. There is a growing collection of articles and videos about various topics in Lupus
  3. Slick visual layout featuring eye-catching color and pleasant graphics
  4. Clear, casual language that can be grasped by many types of readers regardless of education


  1. The general information about Lupus is very basic, lacking enough detail for a deeper understanding of this complex disease
  2. The credibility of the content can only be inferred
  3. Most information related to treatment/therapy and much of the remaining information is dated from 2013 and may not incorporate the latest findings


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Lupus Foundation of America, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization founded in 1977

Accreditations: National Health Council Standards of Excellence Certification Program, BBB Accredited Charity

Additional Features: Direct link to the National Resource Center on Lupus, Caregiver Toolkit, robust message board that collects blog posts written by actual lupus patients, online support, videos, Q&A, slideshows, latest news and clinical research updates

Languages: English, Spanish