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Mayo Clinic's Women's Health section offers an introduction to and general overview of many of the most common women's health topics. This site is a subsection within the Mayo Clinic's main website and is recommended based on its affiliation with the Mayo Clinic's expertise and trusted reputation. However, this section's expert answers lack depth and detail that can be found on countless other women's health websites.

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Review Date: 1/2/2020


Ease of Use

The major categories are clearly listed so that visitors can browse the content specific to women's health. Topic headings make it so that users need only click links within the category that interests them most. But as a whole this setup is really only conducive to general browsing, as the search bar pulls information from across the entire Mayo Clinic website and is not specific to the Women's Health section.

Visual Design

The Mayo Clinic's Women's Health page is designed like every other page on the Mayo Clinic. There are very few images embedded into topics to engage the reader, and the sparse black text on white background is dull. Advertisements and potentially intrusive links to other Mayo Clinic resources could make the site feel crowded and confusing to users as well.


The Mayo Clinic's Women's Health page is a limited source of information on common issues related to women's health. The articles are referenced by books, review articles, and websites, which gives them an additional layer of quality. But the depth of content is limited in scope and detail. Users will certainly need to consult other web resources to get an adequate look at any topic presented here.


All content is developed and reviewed by Mayo Clinic, a highly credible organization. Many of the expert reviewers include Mayo-affiliated sub-speciality physicians. Each article features a date of last revision, although several are more than two years old. Otherwise this website is a credible and reliable source of information.


  1. Articles on 45 common women's health topics from credible medical experts
  2. General information about healthy lifestyles, symptoms, diseases and conditions, and drugs and supplements
  3. The writing is clear, friendly, and authoritative and is geared toward a general audience
  4. The site is very user-friendly and information can be located quickly


  1. "In-Depth" section is superficial and includes a limited number of articles
  2. Many of the same articles are used as resources throughout the site's different sections
  3. Patient Care & Health Info, Expert Answers, and Multimedia sections seem sparse and limited
  4. Much of the content is about Mayo Clinic resources and access


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