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Mayo Clinic is recommended for readers seeking a broad health topic website that provides accurate, up to date, and reliable health information. Users will find ease browsing the site's materials on a multitude of health and wellness topics, diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, and medications. It also serves as a portal for patients in the Mayo Clinic network.

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Review Date: 5/24/2018


Ease of Use

Health content is found either by clicking the small gray menu button at the upper left of the homepage to launch "Patient Care & Health Info," or by using the search bar. Search bar results can be sorted by topic which is helpful in narrowing the results. Readability is aided by predictable layout of each topic and large dark font. Unfortunately, ease is sabotaged by intrusive ads and suggested links that clutter the page and interrupt the text.

Visual Design

Simple visual design on the homepage offers a group of clickable blue boxes that help users navigate the site's patient care features. Beneath them, the educational focus of the website is introduced in a "Find Diseases & Conditions A-Z" list in large text with lots of white space around it. Individual pages are consistent but not very engaging.


This website provides comprehensive and accurate consumer health information on nearly any health topic. Drug information is from Micromedex, which covers FDA-approved drugs. Individual pages include references that maintain the site's authority and credibility. Additionally, the section on supplements and herbal preparations only includes information/advice that is based on quality evidence.


No specific authors/editors are provided, but most articles in the "Patient Care and Health Info" section are labeled 'by Mayo Clinic Staff," which is a team of medical professionals who are trained experts in their respective fields. Most review dates are within the last 2 years to ensure currency.


  1. Comprehensive information on specific diseases and conditions, testing, treatments and procedures, and drugs and supplements
  2. Very readable with adequate depth for users
  3. Symptom checker lists possible causes of various symptoms


  1. The supplements information is limited
  2. Predominately geared toward information about and access to Mayo Clinic


Sponsors / Affiliations: Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical center based in Rochester, Minnesota focused on integrated clinical practice, education, and research

Accreditations: HON seal (2018)

Additional Features: Support groups, recipes, news, appointment-scheduling tool, doctor finder

Languages: English, Spanish, Portgese, Mandarin Chinese, Arabic