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Medical Cost Advocate acts as a billing agent for the patient and helps consumers obtain a discount before or after a procedure or treatment. The service claims expertise in all health, medical, and dental procedures, and they earn a 35% commission on any savings. No charge is incurred when medical costs cannot be lowered. Medical Cost Advocate is recommended for any consumer seeking to lower their medical costs.

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Review Date: 5/1/2018


Ease of Use

The homepage is upfront about what the website does and how to use its services. All major areas of the website are clearly labeled and distinct from one another, with tabs running horizontally and vertically across the page. There's no search bar, but ultimately the site is small enough to do without one.

Visual Design

Visually the website is unimpressive and hard to read in some areas. The font is very faint and cramped, and against the white background readers may need to strain their eyes. Overall, this website's elements appear slightly outdated, but users won't have much to criticize here.


Our reviewers are unable to comment on the quality of the actual services provided by Medical Cost Advocate. However, the staff appear to be experienced professionals in the field of cost negotiation. So long as visitors understand that Medical Cost Advocate provides a service and actively promotes that service, this website is worth a look.


Staff members are attorneys and industry experts with at least 10 years experience in healthcare billing, negotiations, and administration. Aside from this fact, there is little material available to assess the service's credibilty. Background research on this company has yet to reveal any red flags in terms of trustworthiness.


  1. Medical Cost Advocate communicates with providers directly and generally completes cost negotiation within three days
  2. Patients will pay the reduced cost as well as a 35% commission to Medical Cost Advocate on the savings
  3. No charge if Medical Cost Advocate is unable to reduce a patient's medical costs


  1. Unappealing web design with small font, no colors, and a cluttered layout
  2. No general information on how to lower healthcare costs on your own


Sponsors / Affiliations: Medical Cost Advocate Inc., a for-profit corporation that offers medical bill negotiation services, medical billing and insurance support, and healthcare advocacy services

Accreditations: HON seal (2013), TRUSTe certified privacy, BBB-accredited business

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Languages: English


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