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Medicare.gov is highly recommended as the premier web resource for comprehensive and accurate Medicare information, further strengthened by its federal support. The site offers a variety of tools and materials including instructions and forms to enroll in Medicare, a doctor finder tool, claims and appeals assistance, insurance information, overviews of medical costs, and more.

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Review Date: 5/30/2018


Ease of Use

Content tabs organize a large amount of technical information in an intuitive way. Subcategories feature brief summaries that can be clicked for more detail. The site-wide search bar allows consumers to enter a medical test, item, or service to determine if it is covered under Medicare insurance. Results can be sorted by best match or date.

Visual Design

Busy homepage filled with multiple menus, links, and search bars. Fortunately, high contrast text makes the menu category tab headings pop out. Each page has dark, well spaced font and a limited amount of information so as not to overwhelm the user.


All content on this website is based on Medicare legislation and backed by the federal government. This is the most authoritative source of information and resources for all aspects of Medicare. For anyone seeking information about or already enrolled in Medicare, this website is a necessity.


This is a U.S. government website and is the most credible source of Medicare information. Guidelines on the website state that pages are reviewed at least every six months, if not more frequently. Publications for patients have been update recently. No individual authors cited, even if the materials are accurate and authoritative.


  1. Indispensable for consumers who are eligible for or currently receive Medicare coverage
  2. Topics covered include applying for Medicare, receiving cost assistance, coverage options, filing appeals, and other health topics
  3. Has tools to find health professionals, nursing homes, hospitals, home health services, dialysis facilities, health and drug plans, etc.
  4. Easy-to-understand language guides users through the Medicare process beginning with very basic questions


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