MedicineNet, like its owner WebMD, provides medical information, newsletters, and other services for general readers. Content is created by board-certified physicians, and is recommended to consumers for its in-depth, interactive collection of general health topics. But also like WebMd, this website has an abundance of advertisements and clutter which users must dig through to find helpful content.

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Review Date: 7/2/2018


Ease of Use

Multiple ways to navigate MedicineNet, including a comprehensive navigation bar, options to browse by trending news/topics, or seeing popular searches. There's a lot of information here, but also a clear organization with subtopics, bulleted lists, and multimedia to engage readers. Unfortunately, the abundance of links included within articles can distract users and extend the reading time considerably.

Visual Design

The site's visual design can be chaotic at times. Numerous advertisements surround and interrupt text articles. From a design perspective, there's not much appeal here, even though there are plenty of engaging visuals. The text is small and faint, pages are cluttered, and all the elements appear to vie for the reader's attention.


MedicineNet is a comprehensive and detailed collection of general health information for the average reader. Some articles are well-referenced, but a majority are not. However, the site's materials are written and reviewed by expert medical professionals, indicating high quality.


Most articles include an author's name and credentials, as well as date(s) of review. There appear to be more than 70 board-certified doctors responsible for generating content on MedicineNet, which boosts the website's credibility. A majority of the pages here have been reviewed within the last 2-3 years as well.


  1. Extensive library of information about conditions and diseases, tests, procedures, medications, and supplements
  2. Articles feature multiple related images, slideshows and videos


  1. Pages crowded with advertisements and often unrelated images
  2. Health and wellness information is predominantly composed of news articles
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