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MedlinePlus – Heart Diseases

The heart diseases section of MedlinePlus lists resources related to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of heart disease. It contains a medical encyclopedia and dozens of other resources that break down heart disease and related issues into manageable subtopics.

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Review Date: 9/4/2018


Ease of Use

MedlinePlus does not create unique content, instead providing numerous links to curated content from diverse resources. For some readers, the constant scrolling and jumping back and forth between websites may prove frustrating. And using the search bar pulls results from the entire MedlinePlus website, not just the heart disease section. However, the website as a whole provides users with dozens of relevant resources without overwhelming them.

Visual Design

MedlinePlus features a professional and simple visual design. Few images populate the pages here, but the topics explored often have links to relevant multimedia, especially videos. The site's use of color is subtle and pleasant, proving that a website doesn't need to be flashy in order to stand out visually.


The quality of materials collected on MedlinePlus is outstanding. Readers will find current, evidence-based materials that detail common topics related to heart disease. All topics in the medical encyclopedia are referenced. All other information comes from links to respected federal or speciality organizations, most of which are referenced.


The site's authors/editors are not identified. The linked websites occasionally credit authors, but not always. Among those organizations responsible for the MedlinePlus content include the highly credible National Library of Medicine, American Heart Association, National Cancer Institute, and American Cancer Society. And the website does a fantastic job keeping all the links up-to-date with review dates provided for readers.


  1. Large medical encyclopedia covering most general topics related to heart disease
  2. Highly credible materials backed by the U.S. government and other authorities
  3. Health content is aimed at general readers
  4. Plenty of research references and clinical trial information


  1. Quality of materials vary depending on the external website listed
  2. Users must spend significant time scrolling to find relevant information
  3. Some topics, like congenital heart disease, are difficult to find
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Additional Features: Patient handouts, videos, specialist finder, health check tools, game, clinical trials

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