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MedlinePlus - Sexual Health Issues is a good starting place for information about sexual health, sexuality, sexual dysfunction in males & females, and many disorders of the reproductive system. Topic assortment includes sexually transmitted diseases, puberty & teen sexual health, LGBT health, penile & testicular disorders, including erectile dysfunction, child sexual abuse, and reproductive hazards. This MedLine section is recommended as a good introduction to sexual health issues.

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Review Date: 4/15/2019


Ease of Use

This section of MedlinePlus is just an alphabetical list of sexual health topics. Clicking any one of the 22 listed here leads to a page with a brief summary as well as numerous links to additional information. It requires users to constantly jump back and forth between websites, but otherwise all the relevant material is contained to this one page of resources.

Visual Design

The landing page only provides a list of topics about sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and other sexual disorders. No images or multimedia to engage the reader. And the material is not organized aside from alphabetically, whereas topic headings would benefit the visual appearance. MedlinePlus already features a dull graphic design; this page brings the quality down to the most basic level.


The amount of information may enable users to get a basic understanding of sexual health. The materials assembled here come from a wide variety of sources, most of them from high quality perspectives. Not all pages are fleshed out with the same depth.


MedlinePlus clearly identifies the organizations responsible for the content, which include the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists, and American Academy of Family Physicians. Users will find that the medical encyclopedia topics have the highest reliability, as they list the names of medical reviewers and date of last review. However, the currency of web pages linked on MedlinePlus vary, and individual authors and editors are only occasionally credited on the linked sites.


  1. Extensive Medical Encyclopedia puts users in touch with information related to sexual health
  2. Links to valuable, up-to-date information about sexual health, sexuality, sexual dysfunction in males & females, and many disorders of the reproductive system
  3. Highly credible website with backing from the U.S. government and relying on materials generated by authoritative organizations


  1. Only a limited amount information about disorders of the reproductive system in women can be accessed from this section
  2. User-friendliness of materials vary depending on the linked website
  3. Users will have to spend significant time navigating and reading in order to get helpful information


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