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Men's Health Forum is a limited source of general health information for men. Visitors can search by topic or keyword to gain access to hundreds of relevant articles, personal stories, and answers to FAQs. There are discussion forums, multimedia resources, and printable publications. The website is more useful for browsing or as a springboard for locating more specific information.

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Review Date: 4/17/2018


Ease of Use

Easy to search, returning a large list of relevant topics that can be filtered. There are also several methods to browse the site's content. However, because the website deals with such a large amount of archived material, it's better for general browsing than for finding detailed specific information.

Visual Design

Color scheme is simple and easy on the reader's eye. Even though the website has a relatively professional design, there are very few images, videos, and multimedia resources to enahnce the learning experience.


Although all of the content applies to men's health, the information is often limited and superficial. Some of the topics and FAQs have references, but they are usually to other websites. Overall the quality is good enough for readers to browse. However, visitors will need to consult other resources in order to get anything more than a basic understanding of the health topics presented.


Each page includes dates of publication, review, and future review (every 3 years). But authorship is not provided on articles, although the website's authors are listed on a separate page. These writers do have relevant training and experience in the field of men's health, even if some are more qualified than others.


  1. Covers many men's health topics without judgment
  2. Each page includes dates of publication, review, and future review


  1. The content is limited, superficial, and inadequately referenced
  2. Additional information requires a purchase
  3. Many of the resources are only available in the United Kingdon, and statistics provided only apply to men in the United Kingdom


Sponsors / Affiliations: The Men's Health Forum is an independently operated nonprofit organization that advocates for the health and wellbeing of men and boys in England, Wales, and Scotland

Accreditations: NHS England Information Standard

Additional Features: FAQs, ebooks, videos, sponsors lectures, workshops, training seminars

Languages: English

Contact: (+44) 020 7922 7908

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