Recommended publishes information about common mental health conditions, how to recognize mental health problems, and how to seek various forms of treatment. The website lists resources that help visitors access helplines, provide information for veterans, answer insurance questions, and more. The website is easy to use, although much of the content is superficial.

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Review Date: 10/29/2018


Ease of Use

There are four major categories for consumers to browse. Each one clearly labels its subtopics for quick browsing. The search bar works well and returns relevant content, with options to filter by relevance or date.

Visual Design

The website's visual design is outdated, and nearly every page seems thin on content with lots of fluff to compensate. No images or multimedia to engage readers. Overall, an unimpressive design.


The site's content is shallow and only covers the most basic ideas about mental health. The section "What to Look For" may help people determine whether they or a loved one should seek help. Otherwise, materials here are thin, general, and often unreferenced.


Although the content is reviewed regularly, there is no indication of who is responsible for writing it or what their qualifications are. The only sign that the information has any credibility is its association with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which is of course and authoritative source of information.


  1. The writing is easy-to-read and to-the-point
  2. Articles often have numerous bulleted lists to distill information into manageable portions
  3. Some articles feature videos to augment the text


  1. For users with even a cursory knowledge of mental health issues, there is nothing here particularly noteworthy
  2. Resources are limited to a few helplines, information for veterans, and answers to insurance questions


Sponsors / Affiliations: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Crisis hotlines, mental health treatment locator, clinical trial information

Languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog, Russian, Arabic, Creole, French, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Japanese, Farsi