Highly Recommended

My Medicare Matters

Sponsored by the National Council on Aging, My Medicare Matters has a variety of interactive educational materials about Medicare, a gateway to apply for Medicare, as well as providing free one-on-one assistance with selecting and enrolling in healthcare coverage. The site is a highly recommended resource for people turning 65 who want to prepare for Medicare.

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Review Date: 1/2/2020


Ease of Use

The information contained on this site is organized very well. The homepage gives users a clear overview of what they can do on the website Each tab directs users to a breakdown of coverage, costs, enrollment, and usage. The search bar pulls relevant results from all parts of the website. It uses an automatic filter that groups results based on the website section, but sometimes this automatic filter can make locating specific materials a bit more difficult.

Visual Design

The visual design on My Medicare Matters is friendly, playful, and professional all at once. Excellent use of color and graphics keep the pages varied and interesting. The layout gives users many options to explore without cluttering the page as well.


The website content provides comprehensive information and resource for people turning 65 who want to prepare for or enroll in Medicare. Although specific references are not provided, the content has been approved by Standards of Excellence NCOA, a group that assesses the quality of consumer education and health insurance brokerage services for people with Medicare.


Pages lack specific author citation and dates of publication/revision. Blog posts show publication dates, but authorship is attributed to "the My Medicare Matters Team." The members of the team can be found on the website and they are appropriately credentialed for the content, being experts in the field of health policy.


  1. Information for people turning 65 who are brand new to Medicare and want to learn about it or those who are ready to enroll
  2. Pricing information and price comparison tool
  3. Writing is geared to a general lay audience, with font-enlarger for older readers
  4. Provides gateways to enroll in Medicare


  1. Search bar lacks filters like date and relevance
  2. Most pages lack dates of publication/revision and and there is no general statement about updating


Sponsors / Affiliations: The U.S. National Council on Aging, a national nonprofit established in 1950, and Aon Retiree Health Exchange, a Medicare health exchange service

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Health insurance comparison tool, Medicare enrollment, information sheets, videos, visual aids, FAQs, glossary, blog

Languages: English

Contact: info@mymedicarematters.org