Recommended is a cancer support community that allows users to raise funds, track progress, upload pictures, and connect with audiences. There is brief information about cancer and common cancer types as well as outside resources to support people with cancer. The site is recommended for cancer patients and caregivers who are interested in spreading their personal story and helping themselves manage all aspects of their illness.

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Review Date: 11/7/2018


Ease of Use

Starting a new website is surprisingly intuitive, a mere matter of minutes for consumers with even a basic understanding of computers. There are even counselors available to assist if needed. Limited customization possible for the user’s website. The basic layout of each page as well as the tools available on them are for the most part uniform. Browsers can search for specific user sites by entering a first and/or last name.

Visual Design

The websites that can be created on are basic and standardized. They look more like social media profiles than fully-fledged websites. That being said, each one makes space for photos, calendar events, etc. Nothing special, but certainly functional.


The information about cancer is of limited value and will need to be expanded on other websites. But the site's main function is to communicate with others about one's cancer diagnosis. In that light, this website is a high quality support organized that is both easy to use and well organized. also provides a wealth of resources to help support people with cancer and their families and friends.


The site's limited educational content comes from credible organizations like the American Cancer Society. is an effective way to create and maintain a personal website that allows people with cancer to communicate with a variety of audiences. The site also provides a wealth of reliable resources for support of people living with cancer.


  1. Cancer patients and caregivers can launch free, personalized websites that include functions for blogging, calendars, fundraising, and photos
  2. Allows patients and caregivers to share stories and foster a sense of community
  3. Information about support services and other helpful resources


  1. Cancer information is brief and is covered better on other websites


Sponsors / Affiliations: Cancer Support Community, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization

Accreditations: GuideStar Platinum Participant, Charity Navigator 4-star charity

Additional Features: Cancer caregiver toolkit, videos, downloadable brochures, toll-free hotline, support services, financial assistance, clinical trials

Languages: English