National Alliance for Caregiving

National Alliance for Caregiving addresses all aspects of caregiving and includes brochures summarizing research and academic reports. There is information about relevant legislation, how to establish and sustain a family caregiving coalition, and incorporate technology into caregiving. The site is recommended as a resource for people interested in research about and the current status of care-taking in the USA, although there is little information for actual caregivers.

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Review Date: 6/29/2018


Ease of Use

The website's search bar isn't very helpful, but otherwise this website is straightforward and easy to use. The menu and its various subtopics can be managed easily. Navigation is consistent on every page, links are prominent and functional, and related information is grouped together clearly.

Visual Design

This website has a professional but forgettable design. There's a noticeable lack of images and other forms of multimedia that might otherwise engage readers. Most pages are stripped of anything eye-catching other than the main navigation bar and site logo.


The content available on this website is intended to give a broad look at caregiving in the U.S. These materials are more academic and research-focused than many general readers will find practical. The quality of materials is high, but the usefulness for the average caregiver may be limited.


The website is clear about its Board of Directors, all of whom are qualified authorities in the field. The same goes for the authors of reports and papers available online. Most informational content features publication dates, but most are older than two years. Overall, visitors can expect to find highly credible materials here.


  1. Links to resources for adult immunizations, mental health, falls, and Alzheimer's disease
  2. Easy to browse, with clear menu and subtopics
  3. Provides contact info for local and national resources for caregivers


  1. Focuses more on academic and research materials rather than general info for the public
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Sponsors / Affiliations: National Alliance for Caregiving, a nonprofit group of research and advocacy organizations founded in 1996

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Programs and resources for caregivers, guidebooks, webinars

Languages: English