National Down Syndrome Society

The National Down Syndrome Society serves as the national advocacy group for people with Down syndrome and their loved ones. The website focuses on helping people with Down syndrome and their families live throughout life with Down Syndrome. The content includes some resources for families, including resources for expectant parents, updates on current research, and a helpful section featuring employment resources for employers as well as those affected. This site is recommended for patients and families seeking information about coping with the many challenges faced by those with Down syndrome.

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Review Date: 12/3/2019


Ease of Use

Aside from some overlap in the website’s category tabs, this site is straightforward even for inexperienced web users. The content is well organized within bolded category tabs that direct the user to a manageable list of subtopics. Better still, the site offers users a variety of methods to access different resources to maximize the chance that readers will find them. Ample use of FAQs further enhances the ease of use.

Visual Design

Great use of images and videos engage the reader from the homepage. Bright colors and sharp graphics lead users from topic to topic in a natural progression. The font is large, and high contrast colors make the text pop out on the page. Overall this is a visually stimulating website that is sure to draw visitors in.


The website content covers the genetics of Down syndrome, but very little about it's features and complications. The site is primarily focused on living with Down Syndrome and covers a wide range of issues associated with Down syndrome throughout life, such a wellness, self-sufficiency, education, and employment. There is also some information about resources for supportive care, patient and family seminars, employment and quality of life resources, newsletter, and charity events.


The National Down Syndrome Society appears to be a highly credible and reputable organization. Unfortunately, the website does not publish author names or publication dates on its content. Information is instead supported by a few credible websites, professional associations, and out-dated text books.


  1. Website addresses the needs of different age groups in great detail, from prenatal care, to school-aged children, to geriatric care
  2. Reader-friendly text geared toward a lay audience
  3. Resources for supportive care and quality of life improvement


  1. Anyone looking for detailed information about the condition will not find the site useful
  2. Busy layout featuring a scrolling news panel, multiple social media tabs, resource/donation links, etc.


Sponsors / Affiliations: National Down Syndrome Society, a national nonprofit advocacy organization formed in 1979

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Webinars, Helpline, downloadable brochures and fact sheets, interviews, patient stories, videos, local support locator, newsletter

Languages: English, Some brochures are available in Spanish