National Hemophilia Foundation

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is an effective source of basic information and handouts about bleeding disorders like hemophilias A and B, von Willebrand disease, etc. The resources available through the website are valuable and comprehensive. Although much of the information lacks listed authors, references, or dating, the site is a recommended source of health information that will benefit patients and caregivers coping with a bleeding disorder.

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Review Date: 9/19/2019


Ease of Use

The National Hemophilia Foundation's website suffers from its overabundance of materials. Although valuable, a lot of it is difficult to find, such as the links to additional information in the form of PDFs. There doesn't seem to be a strong sense of organization. Lots of clicking is necessary to navigate the site. The content is on the dry side as well. Otherwise, a fairly straightforward user-experience.

Visual Design

The graphic design is functional but bland. There's a mix of clashing pastel and bold colors that stands out awkwardly. On the other hand, a clear effort was made to include multimedia elements on every page.


The National Hemophilia Foundation has been conducting high-quality research and educational outreach initiatives for 70 years. Although the foundation is associated with the most authoritative specialists in bleeding disorders, it is unclear if educational materials reflect that expertise, since topics are rarely referenced. The information is an excellent introduction to this topic, including material about inhibitors and other complications, types of bleeds, blood safety, sports and school safety, and insights into future treatments. However, other sites will be needed for more depth.


Visitors won't find author names or publication dates on any of the on site topics. Although many of the brochures and fact sheets/PDFs have publication dates, some are more than 2 years old. Even when included, the credentials of authors are rarely given, so the credibility of the content relies on the reputation of the NHF.


  1. Information is helpful, written for general audiences, an appears to rely on authoritative National Hemophilia Foundation research
  2. Covers information pharmaceutical interventions, complications, associated conditions like hepatitis C, state-specific resources, and more
  3. Pages are responsive, fast-loading, and useful to a variety of audiences
  4. Patient blogs provide practical information on what a hemophiliac faces in daily life as well as strategies to overcome those obstacles


  1. Much of the educational information lacks references, dates, and the identity and credentials of authors/editors
  2. Unclear organization and large collection of materials makes it hard to locate specific materials
  3. Complex tabs at the top of the page, multiple sidebars to navigate, and too many subtopics within each subject


Sponsors / Affiliations: The National Hemophilia Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit advocacy and research organization established in 1948

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Downloadable fact sheets and brochures, links to resources, such as local treatment centers, scholarship opportunities, camps, and local chapters, Family Emergency Kit Checklist, webinars, news coverage, clinical trial enrollment

Languages: English, Spanish