National Women’s Health Network

The National Women's Health Network website helps citizens learn more about the politics surrounding women's health issues. The organization's emphasis is on women's advocacy and activism to advance women's health. The website is recommended as a good source of health policy analysis, but the health-related content is limited to six topics.

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Review Date: 9/30/2019


Ease of Use

Straightforward navigation can be picked up even by less experienced web users. Topics are briefly introduced with links to dig deeper if desired.

Visual Design

This website doesn't have much working for or against its visual design; perhaps more use of graphics and videos. Bold color scheme makes section headings stand out well against the background.


The medical content here consists of a limited number of topics. Though they have good detail it's hard to know if the information reflects current thinking, since only a few are referenced. Additional information requires going to other sites, predominately from the Trusted Outside Resources section. The coverage of health policy as it relates to women's health is outstanding, perhaps the most comprehensive our reviewers have encountered on the web.


Author names aren't available on individual pages, though some list the National Women's Health Network's staff. There is not a lot of details on which of the staff write topics and their credentials. Topics updates vary from 2019 through 2015. The most recent news article was June 2019. The organization is currently very active in their advocacy and activism roles.


  1. Detailed information about Abortion, Toxic Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Birth Control and Fertility Awareness, Osteoporosis, Sex Drugs for Women, and Trans Health Care.
  2. Easy to navigate website with clear categories and articles written in plain language and geared toward the general reader
  3. Trusted Outside Resources provides links to additional information/resources, including a few not part of the site, such as Breast Health and Painful Bladder syndrome
  4. Links to sites with information on a variety of other women's issues, such as cervical cancer, hysterectomy, menopause
  5. Excellent infographics for those willing to dig deeper


  1. Content authors are not licensed medical professionals and are not identified in individual topics.
  2. The currency of the topics varies with the last updates occurring anywhere from 2015-2019
  3. Articles are often colored by the author's own political beliefs


Sponsors / Affiliations: The National Women's Health Network, a DC-based nonprofit advocacy group established in 1975

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Weekly Q&A about medication, news coverage, printable fact sheets, advocacy toolkits, webinars, blog

Languages: English