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OncoLink may be the only site needed for comprehensive and detailed information about all aspects of cancer. There is detailed information about most types of cancer, risk factors, every type of possible treatment, preventive measures, side effects, nutrition, coping with cancer, and mental health. "OncoLink" has an A-Z list of cancer medication with detailed information about effects and possible side effects. The site is highly recommended for its comprehensive, detailed, and well-organized content that is suitable for any user.

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Review Date: 4/16/2019


Ease of Use

The site is very organized and intuitive for users. Users can search an alphabetical grid of cancer types and cancer drugs. Access to many other patient resources, such as educational programs and nursing advice, available through the site.

Visual Design

The homepage is well-organized and aesthetically-pleasing. Crisp, family-centered images are present on the home page, but limited on other pages. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, but the small font may be difficult for some.


OncoLink uses impeccable referencing and has done everything else possible to provide users with the most recent and highest quality information and resources. The comprehensive and detailed content surpasses similar sites and contains everything patients with cancer and their families could possibly need. This should be the first website people consult, and may end up being the only one necessary.


For any cancer-related health information users will appreciate the thorough documentation of topic author, credentials, and last modified dates. Further credibility comes from an extremely qualified editorial board and sponsorship of a respected research center & teaching hospital. There is little doubt that this is one of the most accurate sources of cancer-related information on the internet.


  1. Comprehensive content includes drug information, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, support services, research, and clinical trials
  2. Specific cancers are examined in depth and drug information includes how to take, storage & handling, and effects & side effects
  3. Articles are written clearly, and organized around common questions a patient might ask their provider
  4. A section that allows patients to create a 'Cancer Survivorship Care Plan'


  1. Very long articles that rely on plain text can be overwhelming and difficult to read for some users
  2. Most pages lack images, videos, and other multimedia


Sponsors / Affiliations: OncoLink is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994, and supported by individual donors and corporate partnerships, The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Links to support services within topics, blogs, FAQs, links to additional educational material, news coverage, newsletter, & press releases, mobile apps, webinars, on-line forum, resources for healthcare professionals

Languages: English, Spanish

Contact: hampshire@uphs.upenn.edu