Out of the FOG

Out of the FOG provides information and advice for family members and loved ones of individuals who suffer from a personality disorder. Credible mental health information is published alongside first hand testimonies so that users can better understand and cope with these various conditions. This website is recommended as a highly-engaging support community for people living with a personality disorder as well as their loved ones.

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Review Date: 5/17/2018


Ease of Use

The pages with overviews of individual personality disorders are too long and entirely text-based, with numerous links included on each page. More subheadings for the important features for each condition would help so that users don't have to scroll through lengthy passages.

Visual Design

Dark colors and sad images on the homepage set the tone. The website's mission is centrally located in large font and provides clarity. Once users venture deeper into the website's content, there is no multimedia. Otherwise this is a simple design that users won't have much trouble understanding.


Out of the FOG contains a wide variety of information useful for people affected by personality disorders. Information about diagnostic criteria and treatment are borrowed from the highly respected American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the World Health Organization (WHO). No sources are given for other information and content, as these focus more on personal experiences.


No authors or editors are cited. References are credible, evidence-based information sources. A significant amount of information appears to rely on personal experience. Additionally, dates of publication and review are not included on the site's pages.


  1. Information is presented logically and begins with an overview of specific personality disorders before examining each individually
  2. Videos, popular cultural references, and extensive moderated user forums encourage discussion and help to demystify and destigmatize personality disorders by making them more relatable
  3. Nice balance between educational materials and firsthand experiences from people living with personality disorders


  1. Overviews of individual personality disorders are too dense
  2. Numerous tabs and links provide an overwhelming amount of choice that could be simplified
  3. A good deal of unreferenced material across the site
  4. Does not include information on how to access counseling


Sponsors / Affiliations: Independently maintained and financed through member donations and book sales

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: E-book, emergency hotline

Languages: English


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