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Overdose Lifeline

Overdose Lifeline is a nonprofit organization that addresses the opioid epidemic as well as addiction. The recommended information on this website spans education, harm reduction, prevention, resources, and support. While many of the site's materials are specific to the state of Indiana, the website recommended is for its collection of resources and advocacy for naloxone access and distribution programs.

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Review Date: 5/29/2018


Ease of Use

Overdose Lifeline is a easy-to-navigate web resource. The various content categories are distinct and include helpful drop down subtopic menus. The inclusion of multimedia resources (videos, infographics, and downloadable guides) makes this website an indispensable source of opioid overdose information.

Visual Design

The homepage creates a drab atmosphere with somber imags and text. Graphically, each page is presented well, with a pleasant font, an abundance of images, and not too much text. The web design is contemporary and engaging, even when compared to more commercial websites.


This website provides a great introduction to opioid addiction for the general public. Overdose Lifeline uses science-based research to explore opioid addiction from many angles. Web pages cite original research sources, and the health content is both friendly and information.


Information on the organization's Board of Directors is listed, but content authors are not. Some of the videos identify the presenter. Credentials are not available, either, but a lot of the health content comes from government resources. Videos and news articles are dated, whereas other content is not.


  1. Links to authoritative organizations like the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Narcotics Anonymous, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, etc.
  2. Site uses evidence-based research to support their vision
  3. Numerous videos and blog posts from people with addiction detailing their personal experiences bring a personal spin to the topic
  4. Engaging content is written in a friendly tone that will appeal to the general reader


  1. Some of the resources are only available to local families and communities, despite the universality of the site's materials
  2. The information about opioids, opioid overdose, and opioid addiction is limited.


Sponsors / Affiliations: Overdose Lifeline, Inc. an Indiana-based nonprofit advocacy organization

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Online store, videos, naloxone (Narcan) training and distribution, support groups, 24-hour hotline, treatment center finder

Languages: English

Contact: contact@overdose-lifeline.org