Patient Power

Patient Power is an online resource for people with cancer. It educates readers on 14 different cancers through videos, webinars, transcripts, and more. Much of the website's health information is brief and slanted toward personal testimony rather than clinical information. It is recommended as a good source for cancer information for those who prefer the video format and for connections to many support resources.

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Review Date: 12/17/2019


Ease of Use

Patient Power is an easy to navigate website with content presented primarily as video interviews with cancer professionals and patients. Written transcripts are provided for some by not all videos. Computer speakers and/or headphones are needed to access all of the site's features and information, which diminishes its usability, Users who want to access information through other means will be frustrated and disappointed.

Visual Design

The site is visually appealing without being jarring or overwhelmin . It is well designed with important/significant topics easily identifiable. Each page within the site has a consistent design, which contributes to the user being able to anticipate and access information.


Patient Power does a good job of providing information on many aspects of the 14 specific cancers it covers, such as treatment, living with cancer, self-advocacy, managing side-effects, and recent developments. The content does not cover all aspects of individual cancers in equal depth. A significant drawback of the site, however, is its heavy reliance on video interviews. The interview format limits the quality of the information to expert opinion and the scope of these topics to interviewer choice.


Interviewer and name and credentials of the expert interviewed are provided. A majority of content contributors are credentialed authorities in their respective fields. Creation dates are provided, however the interview/video format precludes updating and many of the videos are more that 2 years old.


  1. Convenient browsing for any of the 14 more common forms of cancer featured on the site
  2. Most content contributors are authorities in their respective fields
  3. Publishes new videos often incorporating the latest research findings
  4. Helpful glossary defining specialized medical terms
  5. Free online support community


  1. Navigation is difficult when seeking information other than the website's "featured" cancers
  2. In this rapidly evolving field, much of the content may be outdated
  3. Few ways to filter or organize results from the search bar
  4. Non-featured conditions are often sparsely covered and archived
  5. Crowded pages due to wide sidebars bordering a narrow column of page-centered text


Sponsors / Affiliations: Patient Power LLC, funded privately by the website's two founders

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Q&A, clinical trials finder, videos, patient stories, additional resources, online support community, current news, webinars, blog

Languages: English