Recommended allows users to compare prescription drug prices at verified online pharmacies. Also included is a brief summary of each drug. Commercial bias may limit which pharmacies are included, since they are required to pay a fee to be listed on the website.

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Review Date: 10/9/2018


Ease of Use

The homepage clearly guides users to's main function: searching for the lowest price of drugs. A prominent search bar prompts users to enter a drug name of choice, even providing examples like "Lipitor." Users can sort medications, if available, by lowest price, and choosing one leads to the appropriate external pharmacy for purchase options.

Visual Design

The site's design is consistent and professional, but otherwise there isn't anything engaging about it. No images are to be found within the site's main content. Most pages consist of length text that can be hard to take in at once.


PharmacyChecker provides useful information on drug pricing, but the limited number of drugs available and pharmacy listings reduces its quality. Otherwise this website is a quality resource for patient savings on prescription drugs.


The content is overseen by qualified pharmacists to keep the content credible. The prices appear to be updated regularly as well. is transparent about its verification program, which includes a sizable registration fee and monthly subscription to be listed on the website. This limits the playing field of choice, even if the website does not appear to have a financial stake in any of the promoted pharmacies.


  1. Compares up-to-date prices of prescription drugs
  2. Verified online pharmacies that meet specific standards of privacy, security, and customer service
  3. Transparency about the source of drug prices and details of online pharmacy verification criteria


  1. Many common drugs do not return any results
  2. Each of the 30 online pharmacies listed is ranked 5/5 stars, which makes validation process dubious
  3. "Find Prices at U.S. Local Pharmacies" is nonfunctional, further limiting available prices


Sponsors / Affiliations: Pharmacy Checker LLC, a privately held company and affiliate of

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Patient assistance programs, "Ask a Pharmacist" tool, pharmacy ratings, blog, medication price alerts

Languages: English, Spanish


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