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Prescribe to Prevent provides medical professionals with resources and information to prevent drug overdose by increasing access to naloxone (Narcan) and lifesaving rescue kits. The site is primarily for prescribers and pharmacists, but the information and patient education brochues are also accessable to general readers. This website is recommended as an introduction to the opioid crisis and the important role of naloxone in resuscitating overdose victims.

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Review Date: 5/30/2018


Ease of Use

This well organized website features clear dropdown category tabs at the top of each page that divide the material into different audiences: "Prescribers," "Pharmacists," and "Patient Education." As expected, the materials for patients are much more user-friendly. There are many easy-to-find multimedia resources across this site including videos, infographics, and publications. There's no search bar, but it may not be necessary for a website with such a limited scope.

Visual Design

Homepage immediately presents its mission without fluff. Appropriate images scroll to show the website's educational focus and preview its content. The simple colors and font clarity make for an appealing reading experience. Plenty of video content as well.


Although the website does provide specific information for the general public, most of the content here is aimed at health professionals and advocates. And even though much of the information isn't referenced, this website is a high quality source of naloxone and opioid overdose educational materials.


Original content is written by a mix of expert contributors including health professionals, academics and researchers, attorneys, and advocates. Unfortunately, individual pages do not credit authors/editors. Content may be outdated, since the last review of the site was 2015, and may not reflect the recent severity of the opioid crisis. The site does not receive funding or support from naloxone manufacturers, nor does it endorse specific products.


  1. Information about using and prescribing naloxone in various settings, how to discuss substance use disorders with patients, opiates and opioids, etc.
  2. Information is readily available and easy to read for general readers


  1. Targets professional audiences, like prescribers, pharmacists, and lawmakers
  2. Many resources are external links, and the constant jumping back and forth may prove frustrating for some users
  3. Some of the content was updated 4/17, but there is no evidence of site review since 2015


Sponsors / Affiliations: Prescribe to Prevent, a nonprofit advocacy organization that does not receive support for naloxone manufacturers

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Videos, online training courses, medical literature, FAQs, continuing education credits for medical professionals

Languages: English


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