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Psych Central publishes comprehensive and detailed information about many aspects of mental health. The website covers specific mental health conditions as well as sleep disorders, sexual issues, relationships, medication, therapy, and more.

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Review Date: 10/12/2018


Ease of Use

The site's main category tabs help users browse content by condition, symptom, treatment, and more. The homepage also lists commonly visited areas with short explanations about what can be found in that sections. Aside from a chaotic search results page, the website is a cinch to use and explore.

Visual Design

Visually, the site can be busy at times, especially for larger categories where there are lots of links and subtopics to explore. Otherwise pages are relatively boring, with few images and a somewhat disjointed layout.


The information about mental health is comprehensive, detailed, and useful for general readers. Accuracy in enhanced through the use of high quality research citations and evidence-based recommendations. In fact, all scholarly references are included at the bottom of each page so that readers can explore them on their own.


The content is trustworthy and up-to-date through the efforts of Dr. John Grohol, a clinical psychologist who edits and writes nearly all of the content. The site's topics are reviewed regularly, most occurring within the last year.


  1. Variety of multimedia resources including videos, images, and quizzes
  2. Original materials are clearly written, use reliable resources, and are published frequently
  3. General overviews of specific conditions as well as more detailed investigations into focused topics


  1. Complete list of mental health conditions can be hard to find
  2. "Find a Therapist" tool returns limited results compared to other websites
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Sponsors / Affiliations: Private company launched in 1995 by John Grohol, Psy.D

Accreditations: HON seal (2018)

Additional Features: "Ask a Therapist" tool, symptom checker, podcasts, blog, news, online support groups, "Find a Therapist" tool

Languages: English

Contact: talkback@psychcentral.com