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Psychology Today relies on hundreds of health experts to generate content, which is presented as user-friendly articles written in the style of a blog post. The site is recommended for its variety of accessible information about mental health.

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Review Date: 5/15/2018


Ease of Use

Considerable scrolling on the homepage is needed to view a long list of articles featured as "Today's Essential Reads." This method of finding articles by date can continue indefinitely by clicking to the next page. For an alphabetical list of all topics users must click on the "Get Help" category and "View Help Index" tabs to pull up specific subjects.

Visual Design

Professional and consistent design that perhaps tries to do too much on the homepage. There are dozens of articles to scroll through at every point, and advertisements intrude every page. While the homepage has many bright images, the articles themselves are often devoid of images or other visual elements.


The website provides mental health information on a majority of topics. Conditions such as depression have detailed descriptions that include a list of symptoms, causes, and treatment. Other topics have a much more limited coverage. Some articles contain a list of references, and others cite studies. Some articles are not referenced.


All articles include author and dates of publication. Some authors are expert voices in their subject area, while others have less credibility. New content is added constantly, but previous articles are not reviewed or updated over time. The website serves as a generally good resource for current articles on all aspects of mental health.


  1. Writing is user-friendly and engaging for general readers
  2. Covers many topics related to mental, emotional, and behavioral health
  3. Main page organizes articles by date and popularity


  1. Covers a wide range of topics, but depth and usefulness are sometimes inconsistent
  2. Wide variety of contributors and topics means hit-or-miss credibility
  3. User must click on the "Get Help" tab followed by the "View Help Index" to find the complete list of topics covered


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