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Quality Check helps consumers compare hospitals and other healthcare facilities that have received a gold seal of approval from the Joint Commission. These rigorous evaluations of care quality will benefit readers who seek hard data to inform their choice of medical provider rather than consumer reviews.

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Review Date: 9/4/2018


Ease of Use

Users can search Quality Check's collection of organizations by entering a specific organization's name, service, or location. Results can be narrowed by categories like service and accredited programs. Each facility's quality report is divided into easy-to-scan sections. For general audiences, these reports may be hard to interpret. There is little explanation about what the different quality measures mean.

Visual Design

This website does not feature much visual appeal, forgoing flash in favor of simplicity. The homepage's focus falls on a prominent search bar. Few colors and images to engage the reader, but the pages here are crisp and consistent.


The content is relevant, but the site's quality reports provide a type of detail that most consumers might not be interested in. Regardless, the quality reviews here are high quality and based on hard data. The list of facilities rated appears to be comprehensive.


The Joint Commission — a highly credible nonprofit organization — provides the site's content and acts as the gold standard for evaluating healthcare facilities. All accreditations published here include a date of review to ensure timeliness.


  1. Easy to search for healthcare facilities using name, location, or specialty
  2. Facility pages include related groups, awards received, and services available
  3. Quality evaluations are broken down in detail for readers


  1. Objectives and contextual information largely missing from the website
  2. Data-heavy reviews may be too complex for general readers
  3. Not all areas of the country are represented equally
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Sponsors / Affiliations: The Joint Commission, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that accredits more than 21,000 US health care organizations and programs

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Newsletter, glossary

Languages: English


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