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Safe Kids Worldwide is recommended for people who want to learn more about enhancing safety in and outside of the home, especially for children and those who have mobility issues. The site provides safety tips to educate caretakers and children, with hundreds of free multimedia resources which are easy to access, read, understand, and share.

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Review Date: 6/26/2018


Ease of Use

The site uses two major navigation bars stacked one on top of the other. This makes it difficult to know where to begin browsing. The site's helpful safety tips can be organized by age group, risk category, area of danger, and resource type. However, if the search results aren't filtered, users will need to sift through dozens of pages of unorganized videos, infographics, articles, guides, and checklists.

Visual Design

Sleek, contemporary visual design with minimalist leanings. Strategic use of color that guides visitors to the most important calls-to-action. For some reason the site uses small, faint gray font to designate subtopics. Otherwise, Safe Kids Worldwide presents text in small chunks with large bullet points and numerous images to keep the reader interested.


The website provides information about a wide range of safety issues as they relate to children. These include safety at home, in the water, on the road, in sports and play, and much more. Even though the site's information is important, none of the it is referenced. This makes it difficult for users to distinguish between evidence-based and anecdotal information.


Neither authors names nor posting dates are provided on the site's online content, although .pdf files provide dates of publication. Overall, the site's materials are credible given how the organization works with more than 400 coalitions in more than 30 countries. Safe Kids Worldwide also partners with authoritative organizations like the CDC, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the US Department of State, and many more.


  1. Interactive guides that are well designed and entertaining
  2. Excellent safety tips for a wide variety of situations
  3. Organized by age group, risk category, area of danger, or resource type
  4. User-friendly writing and engaging multimedia tools


  1. Search results list pages and pages of unorganized videos, infographics, articles, guides, etc.
  2. Browsing is not always intuitive
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Sponsors / Affiliations: Safe Kids Worldwide, a national nonprofit organization founded in 1988 by Dr. Marty Eichelberger with support from Johnson & Johnson

Accreditations: Charity Navigator 4-Star Charity

Additional Features: Downloadable safety brochures, videos, newsletter, bimonthly reports on product recalls, personal stories

Languages: English