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Senior Magazine Online is not recommended as a source of senior health information. While the general health articles are clearly written, the website as a whole feels randomly assembled. There is little to no information about the SeniorMag organization, and no way to verify how recent the website's content has been updated or revised.

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Review Date: 6/28/2018


Ease of Use

Navigation links are listed in what appears to be random order. These links cover diverse topics such as elder law, health issues, senior care facilities, and leisure, but it's unclear why these were chosen. Few subtopics on the main menus, but most pages contain an overwhelming amount of links to explore. And the site relies almost entirely on lengthy text without multimedia resources to help the reader.

Visual Design

Outdated visual design lacks images and color, with most pages being nothing more than text surrounded by advertisements. The website began in 2001, and by its layout it appears it has not been redesigned since.


The senior health information on this website is helpful but scattershot and general. It seems more helpful for those who want to browse random topics related to senior health. No topic is explored in depth, and there's no way to tell how often the website's content is updated.


Content authors are sometimes cited by name, but their credentials are never provided. Additionally, there are no dates available to determine how old the content is. Much of the content may be outdated, since the magazine has been around since 2001 and there is no evidence that articles are updated or reviewed. And visitors seeking information about SeniorMag organization itself will be disappointed, as this information is hard to find or not available.


  1. Many tools to find senior care facilities, elder law attorneys, and home care providers
  2. "Home Safety" section gives a nice overview of frequently overlooked dangers in the home
  3. Writing is friendly and direct


  1. No dates means content may be outdated
  2. Information on common medical problems is limited and lacks depth
  3. Poor visual design with few images and disappointing searchability
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Sponsors / Affiliations: SeniorMag, a for-profit media company founded in 2001

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Senior living options finder, local services finder, newsletter

Languages: English


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