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SeniorLiving.org features resources for those interested in senior living options. Detailed information is provided about each type of living situation and how to determine which is most appropriate. Although not comprehensive, the site is recommended to locate local senior living options by searching for residential types using a ZIP code or browsing by state and area for all residential types.

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Review Date: 5/2/2018


Ease of Use

Incredibly easy to browse this website's collection of senior living centers across the U.S. The homepage is designed for users to enter their ZIP code in order to begin browsing right away. More detailed information is available only after speaking with a SeniorLiving.org employee, but accessing basic information like location and contact information is intuitive.

Visual Design

SeniorLiving.org's visual design is professional and easy on the eyes. There's a great use of white space and color that lead visitors to the site's most important functions. But moving past the homepage, visitor's will notice the site's layout is considerably less polished the deeper you go.


The site's search bar appears to be very inclusive, although the results vary depending on location. The accuracy of information is dependent on the individual facility. References are rarely included in the information articles and, if present, are generally just other websites. However, the website's listed "experts" all appear to have the requisite training and/or experience in senior caregiving.


This website provides contact information and user reviews of senior living facilities. There is also a good deal of educational information specific to senior health and living. However, only some of the articles and blogs include specific authors or credentials, and none are dated. The content writers that are listed elsewhere on the site do have the appropriate qualifications.


  1. Easy to use senior living option finder, including independent living, assisted living, nursing home, or memory care facility
  2. Detailed information about each type of living option and how to determine which is most appropriate
  3. Information about each facility including amenities, type of care, address, phone number, and costs
  4. Information on aging and common health problems in older adults


  1. The list of facilities is incomplete but new ones are continually added
  2. Aside from requesting to be added, the overall process of choosing facilities for the site is unknown
  3. Information about aging and common health problems in older adults is difficult to navigate and not very detailed


Sponsors / Affiliations: SeniorLiving.org, a for-profit company

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Blog, financial resources, research updates

Languages: English

Contact: info@seniorliving.org

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