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Seniors Oral Health

Seniors Oral Health focuses on a few important topics specific to oral care for seniors. Even though the website provides some good information, the content here is not recommended. It's superficial, and users will need to consult other websites to fill in the gaps. Additionally, resources are specific to seniors in Washington state.

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Review Date: 5/24/2018


Ease of Use

Clear categories guide users through the website, but they do not cover all or even a majority of the topics associated with senior oral health. Ultimately there's not a lot of content here to browse. Content is presented more appealingly in the downloadable tip guides. The search engine is confusing, returning full articles instead of the relevant areas for exploration.

Visual Design

The homepage's layout is dated, but the the green and yellow color scheme serves to make the category tabs pop out. The website makes it simple to enlarge text and there are no flashy images, or advertisements. But multimedia content is missing in general, and the website could do a lot more to engage visitors.


The oral health information, while useful, is not detailed at all. In fact, visitors will certainly need to consult other resources in order to get a good idea of any of the topics discussed here. Worse, none of the content on this website is referenced with author names, dates, or scholarly sources.


The website does not cite author names or dates of publication/revision. Resources do link to reputable websites which can be trusted to provide reliable information. The website's "Find a Dentist" feature is a non-interactive .pdf limited to Washington-based clinics that has not been updated since 2014.


  1. Information about general oral health and tips to maintain good oral care
  2. Specific information about dry mouth and oral care for people with diabetes
  3. Restrained visual layout with simple browsing scheme
  4. Text enlarger makes it easy to increase font size for readers with impaired vision
  5. Numerous downloadable brochures available to explore the intersection of aging and oral health


  1. Few graphics and no multimedia to engage the reader
  2. Categories appear randomly chosen and present a limited view of oral health in seniors
  3. Website lacks depth and detail enough to act as a standalone resource for oral care


Sponsors / Affiliations: Arcora Foundation, a nonprofit oral health organization based in Washington state

Accreditations: None

Additional Features: Dentist-finder tool (Washington State only), downloadable fact sheets

Languages: English, Spanish


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